William Conroy Lindsay


Artist’s Statement

The continuous line of acrylic paint on canvas does not follow any structure. The line goes where it wants to unconsciously. The only limitations that the line has are the edges of the canvas. The hand painted line begins in one area of the canvas and ends in another area. Images, different shapes, and even objects suddenly appear as the squiggle line is created and the viewer actually observes what they want to see. A feeling of freedom, focus, and escape from reality are felt during this process.
He experiences a feeling of relaxation and is a way of meditation creating his work, a chance to get away from the stresses of life. The line is like a representation of one’s life taking unexpected twists and turns. He wants the viewer to get what they want out of his work, seeing what they want to imagine in each piece. This is why each title of his work is as simple as possible (the color of the line and background, like Fluorescent Orange Line on Yellow, etc) that is it. The line has also gone beyond the canvas. Other aspects of the environment are now being covered exterior of cars and walls that surround us. The infinite chaos of the line is felt even more intensely beyond the life of the canvas into our own everyday environment. The infinite line covering a larger scale on bigger canvas also reveals the over powering effect that ones line of life can have on the observer. What started as just an everyday notebook doodle turns into a
sense of freedom and escape from reality.